About My Boss in My Creative map

When I ¨Eliminate¨ the boss in my game I set it to drop 50 light shards but when I check my inventory or look where the boss is it doesn’t drop 50 light shards
Screenshot 2023-11-24 21.49.52

Shards don’t show up in your hotbar, they show up in your backpack.

You also have infinite refills on so that might he the problem.

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i know it doesnt appear in my backpack

Yup he’s right. Its because you have infinite ammo.

yes it is i saw your post…

i dont think that the boss doesnt drop or the shards don’t appear in my backpack

no i dont know how to turn infinite refills off

It’ll drop light shards anyway.

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Go to settings.

i mean it just doesnt

like where you can change what it drops??

Go to your settings, go to the item settings and you can turn off infinite refill there.

Is there a zone preventing item drop?

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You can change the scope to which types of player see the item when it is dropped, global scope means that all players can see the item when it is dropped, player scope means only the player who dropped it can see the dropped item, and team scope means that only players on the team of the person that dropped the item can see the dropped item.