A Very Simple Guide to Secret Rooms

Secret rooms. Where you can just kick back, relax, and put random things into your inventory (like cash berries). There are two types of secret rooms I’ll be sharing, and in another post, I’ll be sharing some photos of secret rooms for you guys’ inspo.

Button And Teleportal
This is for playable maps, as it won’t work if you aren’t in-game. First, you want to get a button and a teleportal. The button’s settings:

The teleportal’s settings:
All you have to change is where it says “Teleport here when receiving on”, write “teleport”. You can make the teleportal invisible in-game if you want.
Then, just place the teleportal where you want your room. I recommend turning off collision and just running left to the edge of the world. When you return, you can just run right.

Two Teleportals
This is for non-playable, or playable. I actually don’t like this one very much, as anyone can just switch their teleportal to your target group and find your room. Still, I’ll explain it. It’s very simple, just put two teleportals with the same target group and group. Then, hide one in your “main area”, and put the other one somewhere in space.

I hope this post helped you!

nice guide

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Good job!

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Nice guide!

Great guide! Super easy and def using this!

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