A Theoretical Unification of Pseudo and Real Health

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Basically, this uses lasers to subtract your health by one to detect your health. It’ll teleport you back to where you were, though. So, do your wiki stuff in here:

The difference between Pseudo Health and Real Health

First of all, what even is the difference between Pseudo Health and Real Health. If you’ve been here for a bit, maybe you know that ‘Pseudo’ means ‘Fake’. So, basically Pseudo Health is Fake Health!
You all know what Real Health is, right? It’s the thing you set in Map Options, Health & Shield. What about Pseudo Health, though? How is there such a thing as Fake Health? Well, you know how some people use Properties to count the amount of items you have? Like my fishing guide. Pseudo Health is literally Properties. You subtract the amount of ‘Health’ you lose from your Health Property, and if the output is less than or equal to 0, you, well, you die!
So, summary:
Pseudo Health is Fake Health that you make using Properties, Counters, and other devices. Real Health is that Health and Shield Bar you can turn on on-screen!

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@getrithekd So can I explain the difference between Fake and Real health?
I’d do that. I like explaining stuff.

This is to unify them, so you can use both with guns.

Can I first of all explain what each is? @getrithekd


I’ll do it later.

This sounds like it will be an interesting guide good luck!

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Is the concept that when pseudo health goes down the player gets teleported into a laser?

We use lasers to measure the health.

??? What do you mean? :skull:

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Real health and pseudo health.

No, this part.

So when you shoot a player the pseudo health also goes down.

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Oh, I see now. Thanks for the clarification!

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maybe if gimkit added a weapon device controlling the settings of the weapons like when player hits player/or sentry transmit on channel or when player gets weapon transmit on channel (also can someone give me the suggestion site i cant find it and i dont remember the name of it)

To detect real health, we need some sort of projectile hit detection, right?
Is that what this is trying to do?

yeah basically

Can lasers sense projectiles?

If not, then this seems useless

Here it is:

(Get nolted lol)

i dont think so but i will brb

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