A tag zone not-bug

It’s not a bug, it seems intentional. Place down a tag zone, set the specific team amount to two, and load up two people. When you start the game (tell me if this setup doesn’t work) one of the players won’t ever get out of the “respawning” screen.

I am an expert tag zone user and this does not happen if the player on team 2 moves out of the way from the spawn. I should test it. can you give more details?

The tag zone lets team one tag. There was a spawn pad where everyone spawned in. On game start, team 2 was softlocked.

that doesn’t usually happen…

Well, I’ve used the tag zone a total time of once! Isn’t that nice! But why would you need to know this?

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I’ve done that, and that hasn’t happened to me. But, I had the teams spawn in different locations.

Hmmm, I’ve used it about 9 times. I still don’t think this should happen.

Lemme see if the bug still happens.

It does, even with a respawn invincibility timer of 10 seconds.

Does it happen even when you make the spawns different?

what if you move out of the way later?

Then the softlock stops, hence why I called it a not-bug.

Well, then that’s just a result of tagging, I guess. When you spawn into a tagger, then you get and respawn into a tagger.