A [Somewhat] New Map!

sorry to ruined it but first welcome to the forum @weeeeeeAAAAA i recommend reading the community made guidelines and the new-user-must-read second that person might of left gimkit creative forum so it too late now to post yours pics as it can be considered off topic and can be flaggable third please don’t get off topic we already had a lot of people banned and flagged anyway i hope you like the forum! :grinning:

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Welcome to the forum @weeeeeeAAAAA !

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Welcome @weeeeeeAAAAA !!!

also who added the off topic tag to this as this is somewhat not really flaggable now it really a community a made guideline but if you read the post it both help and community guideline and shouldn’t be as off topic.

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Welcome to the forum! Try not to post off topic, or post showcases, as they can get flagged. Also this post is two months old, look at the dates before you post!


This isn’t a showcase (the topic)
They asked how to do something and just gave a lot of information.

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Not the topic, i know that was asking what they could do better, @weeeeeeAAAAA ’s posts were a showcase also this post was two months ago…


sorry. I did not know. So I will start a group chat

You should probably tag this under ideas so it doesn’t get marked off-topic .

Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here!

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welcome to forums @weeeeeeAAAAA

What do you need help with?

This post was two months ago, @weeeeeeAAAAA just posted images of their map on it……

Add a team switcher. They automatically switch players from one team to the next. You just need to fix how it works so you can try your idea. P.S. AMAZING IDEA!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

thank you very much MAD_Dragon_3.0

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