A simple guide for Gimhook


Mods. Nice!

I’d love to see a feature simular to the Minecraft Lunar Client where people who are also using Gimhook can see other people using Gimhook with a icon. They could also use custom cosmetics visible to other users, like emotes.


Actually, clicktp only works in edit mode. Not everything is a cheat. Honestly, betterzoom isn’t even that bad. You can just see more. Not very game breaking. Honestly, Gimhook is a terrible way to cheat if that’s what you want.


That is actually a planned feature. No promises regarding when it will be added though.


and seeing more is, well, cheating. it can be used to bypass camera zones, see secrets, and just see more than you should

No-one uses it like that though. Seeing the entire gamemap really isn’t all that useful.

both of those statements are false
you know how much easier a bunch of games would be if you had more visibility?

What games?

the forbidden island, tomb of the doom, abyss adventurers, gim dungeon, any fighting related game… (first three are some of the top 4 gim jam entries btw)

How would they be broken?

forbidden island: you can see the objective, see what to mine, see enemies
tomb of the doom: you can see other team, see traps
abyss adventurers: you can see past the level you’re on, find secrets, see objective
gim dungeon: you can see where to go easily, see enemies
fighting games: you can see where the players are, and for some games, where loot is

Have you ever used gimhook?

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Haven’t some people on the discord already made custom “cosmetics” and “emotes”, just not connected to gimhook? (emoji mod and wend0ver’s custom gims)

You have a good point. I feel like you could say that about a lot of stuff though. Take ChatGPT. You could use it to generate fun prompts or writing ideas, but people could use it to cheat academically. While these are not easily avoidable, ChatGPT and other tools like it are still up because the benefits outweigh the costs. Overall, yes, people can use it to cheat, but it can also be beneficial.


if i answer this in any way, i’ll be flamed by people on the discord

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i feel like gimhook has more potential to be used to cheat and hack than help with things

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I was going to say, if you haven’t, betterzoom is really only good for a large shot of what a map looks like. It glitches and the zoomfinder slides. It makes it almost impossible to see your character or move. For anything but looking at big things, it’s a pain. Anyways, gtg for tonight, talk tomorrow.

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Blackhole wanted me to post this for the community.


not true, there’s definitely more downsides than benefits. And plus, this still doesn’t make betterzoom any better

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Although it may be considered cheating, i think Gimhook is used only for Gimkit Creative and not the other maps other people made or the devs made.

(edit: considering the fact i just read blackhole’s discord message, i changed my mind and now think GimHook was used for cheating purposes. Since GKC came out, it looks like a more-GKC tool instead of cheating.)


Although, with ChatGPT, (also with roblox creators), ChatGPT was kinda an experiment. Roblox Creators used ChatGPT to make thumbnails for their games, so as Youtubers. ChatGPT isn’t really a cheating tool for gimkit creative, but there’s 1 THING that may look like a cheating tool for the discovery page:

The thumbnails.

Just like in Roblox Games and Youtube Videos, some of them is made by AI. Even though i would be wrong (because ChatGPT is blocked on most school computers due to cheating), they may have a personal device to activate ChatGPT on.

This is not some random predictory, i’m discussing about the Gimhook thing and the other tools.

or actually, it may be.