A Question about Triggers

So, if you make the trigger not able to be stepped on, what will happen??

It’s the configuration with the thing “Trigger by Player Collision”. What happens if I make it.

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This usually means you won’t be able to interact with it

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Well, what if the lifecycle makes it trigger on it’s own, does it work?

I am just wondering what could happen, because one of the player’s triggered it, making the popup appearing. I don’t want the player to trigger it, back the lifecycle will make it trigger on it’s own.

Have any ideas?? I just wonder what will happen?

But this is a great start @twofoursixeight ! I just want to know the above!!

Also, is there a possible way to do this? I really have to get back to my game.

Okay, I’ll be AFK, I’ll come back here later to see if anyone has found a solution.

Thanks if anyone can figure this out. I’m sure this is a difficult question, right?

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It’s okay, guys. I figured it out. I’ll tell you the answer to it if anyone has this question in the future:

It still works even though you are not allowed to trigger it, only the lifecycle that can trigger it to trigger the trigger to trigger the trigger to make the popup open.

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