A Player Selector help (getrithekd voting v2)

It is the @getrithekd system.
I went back through the whole system and can’t find what went wrong.
Every time the pop-up will say Vote! instead of the player name.
Also when 1 player is voting all the other players can click Vote! But, it will won’t scroll, it will just close the pop-up.
And when one person votes the vote button disappears for everyone.

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I have not seen the guide but it kinda sounds like 1 of your problems lies in a relay!


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For the voting button part, you need to make the active scope in the overlay be set to player. @WolfTechnology that’s not the right voting system. This is the right one:


This is why I said relay problem.

Well that’s what came up i didn’t know you made two.


whenever the player attempts to scroll through names, it just says:


Make a notification for every channel.

What would that do?

It sees if all the right channels fire so then we know what doesn’t work.

If the system won’t fetch the player name that means the problem is with Name-Finder/Name Fetcher system right?

Not necessarily. The problem could be in updates by the popup or even starting the name fetcher in the first place. We’ll know for certain if you add the notifications.

I’m about halfway through and they are all running fine

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What channels did you add a notif for?

Still working on it,
Check if go time
Start search
Update pop-up
Start Check Player ID
Check Player ID
Start Player Found
Player Found

All of them have worked so far

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When I open the voting menu:

When I click next player:


When I click “Guilty”:

And then nothing else happens

Are these images all in order? Also, there’s no need to ping me, as I made this topic ping me if there’s replies.


I think the Start [Channel] and [Channel] are flipped. Other than that yes

I have to go to lunch, i’ll be back in 40 minutes


Okie. I’m back.