A new meta weapon has arrived: A guide to legendary weapon damage

When you think of the best weapon in GKC, you probably think of the legendary Quantum Portal launcher, right? Well, that’s now wrong. A new meta has arrived, and it has completely shattered the record. I’ll get to that later in the post.

First, let us take a look at all the legendary weapons and their damage. Now this is just the DPS for the guns, so if you want to find the maximum damage, just multiply the damage per shot by the number of shots in the device.

Zapper: 22 dmg
Blaster: 32 dmg
Quantum Portal Launcher: 232 dmg
P.M.L: 72 dmg
Wooden Wand: 36 dmg
Snowball Launcher: 36 dmg
Slingshot: 84 dmg
Evil Eye: 104 dmg

Now that we have the starting point for our data, we can now see what the best weapon in GKC is.

The Best Weapon In The Game

Drumroll, please for…The Legendary Pickaxe
Screenshot 2024-05-07 7.30.25 AM

Ok, you might be thinking along the lines of “It’s just a pickaxe, right?” WRONG. It is more than a pickaxe.

For starters, it does the most base damage at 300. And now with this simple device here:

You can do 3,000 damage in a single swing. That is 680 more damage than using a Quantum Portal Launcher with this device.

You also might be thinking that dual Quantum Portal Launchers are better. You’re still incorrect. With 2 Legendary Quantum Portal Launchers and a 10x Damage Boost, you can two-tap pretty much anything that has 4,000 health. However, with the same rarity pickaxe and damage boost, you can do 6,000 damage in 2 swings.

Another thing that the pickaxe is better at, is the fact has the fastest fire rate out of the weapons. For most weapons, you have to fire a sequence of shots, and then reload which takes an additional couple of seconds. The pickaxe has a 0.5-second cooldown between swings. This can be considered the reload time if you want, which makes it the fastest weapon in the game.

Now that you have seen that information, we now know the best weapon possible in the game. The meta has changed, and it is more broken than ever now.


The problem with pickaxes, though, is that people can sh0ot you while you are trying to catch up to them by trying to damage them with pickaxes. But, this is cool. :smiley: first reply

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Yeah, this could work pretty well for all sorts of games, but I think the fact that they have such little range makes them kind of ineffective when fighting a player with, say, a wooden wand from far away. Of course, you’ve got a point, with 6000 DAMAGE IN TWO SWINGS AND THE FASTEST FIRE RATE.

umm you forget the new weapon from new gamemode…if its legend and max damage boost…you can fling them far away ez.

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Imagine just going to your buddy in a “mining” game
Friend: Oh hey boooBBB- gets obliberated


Knockback is a mechanic, not just for the Pixelator.

So can you get the pixelator in top-down creative?

its cool, but if im correct josh said the pick won’t be a melee weapon meaning this won’t last for long. but ask BH to confirm.


what is the stats of the weapon? the guide does say

I don’t think you can hit people with pickaxes though… at least I haven’t tried.

The GKC team stated that the pickaxe could be removed of PVP damage, which isn’t cool as of it would be a awesome gadget to use for PVP damage.

I know, it would be amazing if they kept the PVP damage.

But it says it MIGHT, meaning it wont be guaranteed to be removed. Ya know?

Yeah, I really hope they don’t remove the PVP damage.

The Quantum Portal is finally trumped!

you can, ive tried it before

Fun fact: The Pickaxe isn’t affected by the map options reload time change, it will reload at the same, so if you set it to instant, the Portal can fire like a madman while the pickaxe lags behind with a stayed cooldown.


the pixelator can make you float and s.h.o.o.t you 80 feet up if you get the circumstances right…thats how strong it is without the damage boost.

That’s cool! Maybe someone can make a mining PVP game!

Really? That’s awesome. And also, what are the right circumstances?