A little map help

How do i make when host starts a game(after they were in lobby) that they get teleported to a different room with just them and have 5 buttons that respawn the whole lobby in the room selected by the host? i know it is pretty simple but im just a bit lazy right now to tinker with it.

just add a spawn pad where you want it, with these settings:

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ok and how do i do the second part?

so for the 2nd part, you want a button that teleports players to a certain place?

I don’t know why you need 5 button but you can connect a button to a relay relaying for all players connected to a respawn device.


yeah this would be the method i would use

  • Set the host to a different team and the others to a different team.
    What do you mean by five buttons with the host that makes them respawn in the lobby?

because i have 5 different maps for the host to choose from each spawning the lobby in that map.

You can use the spawn pad like bluebird showed so you don’t have to mess with teams.


Ah, okay.

  • Have the host spawn in the original lobby. Make sure the spawn for the host is all-game!
  • Have another spawn pad for the others where they spawn while the host chooses the map.
  • Each button starts a counter decreasing for 30 seconds before the actual map starts.
    I don’t know how else to explain it. (Like an intermission)
  • With five teleporters, make all the buttons relay on a channel or something which sends them there after the counter stops.
  • Deactivate all buttons after the host chooses one map.
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Ok, just have a relay relaying for all players connected to a teleporter. I’m assuming you wan’t the host to go as well.


button pressed → relay (all players)
relay → teleport player here

x5 for each button and map

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yeah and have the button trigger the relay

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Have every player get an item if they are in the lobby. When the host presses the button, have the game check for all player to see if they have an item. If they do, respawn them.

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The items would be unnecessary.

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Yeah, I’m thinking that, too.
But that would only work for teams.

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The items are the way CPT works. If you want to use a counter connected to a property, go ahead!

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let me test some of yalls systems real quick.


That worked for me. Thanks you all for helping!


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