A icon for my Counter Strike remake

May someone make a icon for my CS game? its basically instead of a bomb, theres a ball, two teams (duh) and money scattered around the map so you can upgrade your guns etc etc, aka fun, if you can, please do.

Icon? Do you mean thumbnail?

That’s probably what they mean

what is CS? Sorry, I don’t know a lot of stuff

Oh okie. Then me start making thumbnail.

counter strike, its fire :100:

Oh ok well I’m not good at art so I’m not going to make one

thank you, if some people make it, I think I’ll do a poll like that “don’t look up” person did

You mean Gimsolver?

Changed the title to prevent confusion.

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Yeah that’s a good idea.
@WolfTechnology Can you work on the collaboration right now? I have time

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alr, yeah I can see that

No he was just saying the “DON’t Look up person” so I answered

yeah, gimsolver, I don’t really read names often lol

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I’ll make one once I finish VoidFluffy’s

I’ll talk to you guys later, I have to head to school, I’ll be back on in like 45~ minutes

Okie, this is what I have so far:

My drawing app stopped working for some reason so I’ll finish it later.

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you should search up the Dust II map and try to recreate it, maybe using this screenshot of it
download (52)

for a more in-depth feel and styling for it, like movement of where the players should be, I recommend searching a movement guide for the game (COUNTERSTRIKE:2)