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@Nightwolf is lvnl.

they act like they’re lvnl tho

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@Noob_Game_Creator1… the age limit is 13.

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You’re technically not allowed to be on the forums if you’re under 13.

true, but that rule isn’t really enforced. there’s lots of people under the age of 13 here, honestly, who cares if they are. its not like it matters that much. /gen.

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what is the problem how can I help

the age limit is 13?

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btw, it would be better to just flag and move on and message the mods about lvnl having an alt (and this guy being underage) so this could be avoided (my cent on this is that as long as underage people don’t cause trouble and are mature, i won’t go against them)

(@dynachamp, i can assure you that speedy_kd4 is not underage. in fact, he’s heading to college very soon)


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