A Guide to Simple Trees, Bushes, and Plants

This is really one big guide to fruit trees made up of a few small ones
Disclamer: The Apple Tree and the Blueberry Bush have already been in guides before, I did not look well before making this.

Apple Tree
  1. Place down a normal green tree
  2. Put a text device over the tree (make sure the text is on a higher layer than the tree) and insert an apple emoji into it
  3. Change the size of the text to 30, and copy and paste the text 3-4 times
    You should end with something like this
Blueberry Bush
  1. Get a normal green bush, place it down, and make it your size preference
  2. place down an item image of a blueberry and make it as small as possible (make sure the item image is on a layer above the bush)
  3. copy and paste 5-6 blueberries onto the bush in different spots
    Your end result should be similar to this
Watermelon Plant
  1. Place an item image and make it the watermelon item
  2. Get a leaf prop (the rounded yellow one that faces upwards) and tint it 0, 117, 35 (also make sure its on a layer below the item image)
  3. copy and paste these leaves and rotate them so they look like they are coming from the watermelon plant
    The end result should be something like this
Potted Pineapple Plant
  1. Get a text device and add in a pineapple emoji
  2. grab an office plant prop (one of the tall ones)
  3. move the text device to the top of the plant (make sure the text is on the top layer)
    You should end up with something like this
Mushroom Covered Log
  1. Start with a wooden log prop
  2. grab a text device and enter a mushroom emoji (make sure the text is above the log)
  3. copy and paste the text onto different parts of the log
    You should end up with something similar to this
Pumpkin Plant
  1. Grab a Pumpkin Prop
  2. Grab the groundbreaking plant prop from the below image and put it behind the pumpkin
  3. Grab the red spiky leaf prop and tint it 0, 219, 15
  4. Copy the leaves and rotate the different leaves onto the groundbreaking plants
    You should end up with a plant that looks like this
Tomato Plant
  1. Place a single corn stalk prop.
  2. Place a text device with a tomato emoji and move it to the top layer
  3. Copy and paste it onto the corn stalk multiple times.
    You should end up with something like this
Banana Tree
  1. Insert a text device, make it size 144, and insert a palm tree into the text box
  2. Use a banana item image to make a banana bunch by rotating a duping it
  3. move the bunch onto the palm tree
    You should end up with a thing like this
Potted Rose Bush
  1. Place the potted plant prop from the below image
  2. Add a text device, move it to the layer above the potted plant, and add a rose emoji to it
  3. copy and paste the text box to different parts of the bush
    You should end up with something like this
Berry Fish Tree?
  1. Place an item image, make it the berry fish item, and rotate it to face downwards
  2. Place a purple tree
  3. move the item image to make it look like its is hanging off the tree (make sure the item image is on a layer above the tree)
    You should end up with a tree that looks somewhat like this

You can modify these to create other plants, like putting oranges instead of apples for the apple tree, or use groundbreaking vines on the watermelon plant for an infected plant. After all, this is GKC, the map’s memory is the limit


This has been made before.

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Not to sound mean? But we already have some guides on this topic. I love the watermelon tho :smile:


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