A guide to Samurais

These 4 sentries are just made pretty easilly my rotating horseshoes and plates (tinted) for the helmet. This actually worked out really well and I am very happy with it.

  • Warrior Samurai Sentry
    You can use the blackboard legs as good katana sheaths and a minimized empty armor rack for the handle. The candle on top is optional but I think it adds a flare.

  • Heroic Mace Samurai Sentry
    The cape is just made by a rotated and slightly tinted alient plant prop. The mace is actually a darkened blue chemical bottle (you can probably use the other chemical bottles too) on a small tinted metal pole. And for the spikes, it is the broken glass with max dark tint. It is two of them but one is rotated so they don’t overlap.

  • Trained Archer Samurai Sentry
    For the bow I used to opposite blackboard legs (tinted if you want but they are already a nice bow wood color) and a metal pole for the drawstring. The arrow is a shrunken wooden sign (you could probably use a metal arrow sign too) that is tinted plus a wooden pole.

Thats all for now- xbit.


Try putting them on this guide!

Wow! These are creative!


@xbit Remember to add the art tag to any art you make!

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Great guide!

Insanely creative! Awesome guide!

Yeah, that’s a really cool design. It’ll help people in their maps.

Nice guide! Those actually look really good!


I saw what Xbit posted on the other channel so I just wanted to say
My friend said he found a way to make samurais. He showed me a photo. He doesn’t have an account so he uses mine sometimes. I didn’t know he stole them.
I’ll go ask him about it
Sorry for the confusion

Ok, thanks for clearing it up, I was so shocked that the first couple days I post something it got stolen.

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That’s a really cool design, but samurai is both singular and plural.

Though it is a nice guide, not everything someone wants to both helpfully use and showcase strictly needs to be put on one wiki, but I see xbit already did it.

These are very creative! I like the trained archer samurai the best! I used it for my map and it looks amazing (just not as good as yours)…

But next time, I would suggest making the topic title: “How to make a Samurai” because A guide to Samurais sounds like you are explaining what a samurai is and off-topic.

Chased by a samurai and I BUMPED into this guide.