A Guide to Materials


Have you ever had trouble finding an item in Gimkit that meets your needs. Like, say you wanted a wood item but there isn’t one in Gimkit. Well I’ve got a solution for you! The answer is… seeds!

What kind of things can do with them?

Now you may be wondering, “Seeds? Why would I use SEEDS for WOOD?” Well buckaroony, here’s the thing: wood is brown, right? Well, so is the BROWN SEED so… ya’ know, close enough, right?

Table of Contents

The Brown and Orange Seeds

These items could be used to resemble wood, branches, logs… poop… I guess.

The Green Seeds


These seeds could be used as leaves, vines, and really any kind of greenery.

The Metallic Seeds (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)


These seed types can resemble various types of metals. (copper, iron, gold, etc.)

The Monochrome Seeds (Tan, White, and Black)


These three seeds represent various stones such as limestone, granite, coal, and just stone in general.

The Colorful Seeds (The Rest of em’)


These seeds could represent gemstones or maybe fruits/food items not in gimkit.


First of all I want to say THANK YOU to @JoeTheChicken for making this guide:

because it had all of the seed item images and more! I suggest you take a look. Second, these are all suggestions, and if you want to do something different, go for it!

And remember, have a great day and:
Thanks for Reading!


noice guide

nicer than the stomachache i have right now

I use the seeds for properties except for cyan. That’s a speed pill

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Nice Guide!

Remove.bg be saving lives


the colorful/miscellaneous seeds are pretty useful too. if you take a look at coral clicker, one of those seeds are the base of the game!

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Nice and helpful! Yeah I always looked a @JoeTheChicken’s guide for the seeds!


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colorful seeds look like Easter eggs

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