A Glitch Worse Than The Questioner And Popup Glitch 💀

So, I was making a powerup for my racing game, and I discover a bug. Before I tell you the bug, let me tell you what I have. I have an item box (a zone) that broadcasts on “GrantItem”. 2 Item Granters Recieve On It, 1 with a zapper, 1 with a light shard (the zapper has no ammo) I have instant reloads on, and I have it so if the zapper is selected, it reloads, which triggers a checker that checks that you don’t have a shard, then gets rid of the zapper and gives a speed boost. When testing, I select the zapper, and this happens:

It freezes in the game and the editing world. Pic of mechanics:

Any explanations?

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try emailing gimkit …

Asking Gimkit would probably be the right call.

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Isn’t it the second time you posted the same topic?

Dont quote me on this, but I think the game cant process what is happening fast enough, so it goes “well there is something here, but I got no clue what it is” so it defaults to that thing

(I’m not talking to just u 2 specifically, i see basically everyone say this)

why would he email gimkit? I see this all the time but i don’t understand it! isn’t the whole point of a bugs category on the Gimkit Creative Help Forum to report bugs in GKC?


Also for people that go to a school that doesn’t allow emailing people outside of your organization.

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in my opinion it’s to help the community find a solution
@ModerateCape86 you do realize this was from 3 days ago right?

Yeah. I Couldn’t Get On During The Weekend To Check Responses Though.

quick question how much memory did this take?

two. WHY did you do this

three. maybe try changing up some of the devices or their use?

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I don’t know. Probably less than 1%.
I did it on accident while trying to make a powerup.
I fixed it by adding a 0.1 second delay

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