A glitch that i dont know if other people have seen

Has anyone had the issue when going to into creative mode and clicking on a prop or device and fixing it up how you want it to be but you can leave it because it will lock on that prop
(Btw I’ve already email team gimkit and its been about a month with out any response)

You could start and then end the game so it will refresh. This works all the time. You could also switch over to pc.

I haven’t. Is it possible to send a screenshot?

I’ve tried that @ANYTHING_EVAN
And sure @Coolcaden26

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Hmm that’s odd. I never seen it never work.

Are you on an iPad?

Right now yes @Blackhole927

That would explain it. This is a bug that’s happened to many other iPad users before, and sadly, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Gimkit creative isn’t meant to work on mobile devices, so I doubt the devs will fix this bug.

I’ve experienced this bug too, it’s an absolute pain, but sadly, aside from contacting the devs and hoping they fix it, there isn’t a known way to stop this bug.


Dang it well thats a bumb @Blackhole927 thanks tho

Yeah, it sucks when you click on one device and it constantly opens another :frowning:

Im on iPad too and i had this glitch multiple times but starting the game and then ending it always does the trick. Tho idk why @Kingdog1 can’t use this method.

No not opens another it wont let me get off of the device or prop im on

Oh as in you can’t click out?
Like you open a device and then can’t close the menu?

Close i am trying to send a picture to show what i am talking about so give me a secound

Are you trying to click the x button on the top corner to exit out of the edit menu of a prop or device? Because it does not work for me and the only way for me to exit is to click the opposite side of the menu.

Here is a video or gif https://media.giphy.com/media/v1.Y2lkPTc5MGI3NjExZ2R3cGNpMTg0emwwdWFrdGR3NWVpeXlqZmZybWF3OGw1ZDhncGk5OCZlcD12MV9pbnRlcm5hbF9naWZfYnlfaWQmY3Q9Zw/0UOALG38YAx7XtxygD/giphy.gif
I hope i dont get in trouble for the link

Well I can’t see it because i am on a school device.

Ok i found a way to see it

I would guess it’s just another iPad bug… you’re sure clicking on the X and clicking on the darkened area of the screen to the left of the menu doesn’t work?

Yea im sure of there isn’t anything we can do with it its ok I’ll learn to live with it