A few questions

  • What is memory for?
  • What is the purpose to have both channels and wires? They seem to do the same thing except one uses memory

They both use memory. You can have one device broadcast on a channel, and multiple devices react to the channel, whereas wires only affect one other device. Also, I believe (not really sure though) that wires can do more things than channels.


I think wires are more convenient in one connection but when there are a lot of things you want to connect channels are better because when you copy it the channel will still be there

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For just 1 on 1 linking, which is better practice?

Wires are basically the same as channels, sometimes they can be more convenient to use, that’s it. The memory limit is so that people don’t make massive maps that take up too much storage space.


How can I check the limit and how much I have used?

go to editing settings and scroll down


Go to the bottom right corner and click Settings → Editing → Show Memory. There is a total of 100,000 memory, so 1% of memory = 1,000 memory.


Channels are compatible with blocks, though.