A Don't Look Down bug

Just look at it it looks… off

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what happened I was just falling down then this happened

I just think it was an invisible barrier that the dev forgot to remove. If this is the case you could try to see if it happens again.

ok (word fillerdddmmmamamma)

it happened again(word filler)

BTW if you are trying to get past the character min you can just put stuff between these: <>

cool you have now earned the title of “Skywalker”


Hmm… I’m not sure whats wrong… oh! The clouds are slightly tilted!



It’s just a glitch. Try reloading and if that doesn’t fix anything, email the devs at hello@gimkit.com, and they’ll fix it.

Please mark a solution if this helped. :white_check_mark:

Where area did you found it? I will see if it happens to me.

get almost to the end then jump off and move right

this? oh ya this, i did this glitch during april fools, i didnt know it was still possible


I did not play gimkit on April fools day

ya i know, but i did this during april fools (screenshoted from a recording of me doing it)

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I just wanna know what happened on April fools day???

same how does this even happen?

well… the last time i shared the recording i got slapped with tons of flag and a one and only ban warning, so lets not, maybe you’ll find a video on youtube, there are some good youtubers who make gimkit content

3x jumping height.