A Documentary On the Counter [WIP]

I don’t know. Test it by using a trigger that triggers itself with a delay of .015s. Make that trigger another trigger through a wire. Make the new trigger trigger itself using channels.

After that, trigger it and see how high the it gets.

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Could you change the guide a little as right now, it has some parts that are exact copies of my guide and are the same details like the bolded words and the beginning has the exact same words as mine, and those are just examples.

Its a compliment

Sure, but you wrote exactly what I wrote in some parts.

That’s just an example.

Is the credits not allowed to be copied if it’s part of the same series?


so uh I am also in the middle of making a nature-of that explains what every block does

We already have too many guides on blocks.

I was making one that explained every block and common ways to use them

If there was one, it would be the max default value for a counter, I think.

Maybe make it an extension of the incomplete essence of block code series?

That would work

Wait five days

I think that was like a half bump as they also asked a question.



Awesome on the nature of guide!

I saw in the beginning, don’t really understand why we’re arguing on name, (beginning of replies) cause it’s pretty much a community effort for this, no one stealing from no one.

Second, Vwoom, you don’t need to make a camera view guide, we don’t need a camera view guide. One simple thing. Conceal the view around you.

Third, is there a vending machine nature of? Or we can do the blastball one next.

Too late, they already made it

Y’all, make sure the info you’re making isn’t already in the TUGTED or any other guide as there is no point in using the same information from another guide, just different format.


Alright. Would like, but out of it :frowning:

Edit: Wait, is there a blast ball guide to it? Cause maybe I can make one.

Edit 2: Nvm, already on the tug ted Edit 3: Wait, could I do one more in depth?

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I don’t think there are guides on the blastball device nor the capture zone device as they are relatively new, but I’d double-check the TUGTED 3 before you make a guide to see if all the information you were going to add are already in there.
If not, a Blastball guide would be wonderful, as many users would need help with the new devices :smile:

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Alright! I think I’ll just explain stuff more in depth, alright. Now I have a guide to work on!

I agree but that would be great!

Lol @GimSolver I remember when I used to play prodigy

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