A Documentary On the Counter [WIP]

IT’S 800


Not necessarily?


can we not argue?
The point is it’s high enough you should not have to worry about the placement limit

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@FusionLord, the general format is okay, but to copy the exact same format of my guide and the details seems extreme.

no, it will be flagged immediately no doubt, as there are literally ZERO settings. I won’t flag it but I’m sure it will be flagged. You don’t have to make a guide for the sake of making a guide. Camera View has no settings, it’s the simplest device in the game, there is no need for an entire guide, no need to make them just because.


Do you want me to just delete it ?(Now I think it’s a better idea just to delete it) AND rewrite it.

Don’t advertise @VWOOM

Somebody called for art?

In AMERICAN spirit, I am doing it myself, you can still read it though.



It has finished, to read, read my bio and click featured topic, enjoy, I worked hard.

That is not right. @MOON :slight_smile: Also that will be in my guide just to be warned but you can use it :slight_smile:

I don’t think you should do block code
There is already “Essence of Block code” guides

@Blizzy, I never found one that’s finished, also it explains what every block does. If you have any “Essence of Block code” guides, I would be happy to put the links into my guide. (it’s not crediting though)

bro, stop talking about stuff that aren’t relevant to the topic.

I don’t have one. But the links you can search them up. I never made one.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 6.58.57 AM
It’s alive!

Is there a limit for the counter’s number? Just a quick question.

Yes , 512

Edit - Ohhhhh you said counter number