A Documentary On the Counter [WIP]

bruh no one copied each other, these were inspired guides and with permission (also @getrithekd it started with whoami, not clicclac)


Who do I ask to make one?

at this point i dont think you even have to ask, just make sure it’s a reasonable device that you can get lots of info on


You can just make one (that’s what I did).

I guess okay?

I mean, the nature of series is supposed to be a research about the device.

The props are supposed to be for decorations. (sometimes)

okay i’ll blame myself then

What about The nature of the most important part, Wires I CALL WIRE!

I CALL DOING BLOCK CODE! Please don’t steal it.

I’m not sure.

Yeahhhh, I’m not so sure

What about teleporters. Those are useful!

That counts.

Maybe, but there’s not a lot to it - do the vending machine!

Nah, teleporters are great, and overlooked, I CALL IT!

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Okay, have fun!

Nice ‘on the nature of’ guide!

if you want, i can help with drawing the pictures. although it may be a few hours, my drawing stylist is charging rn.


Please do, I will contact you later on this post. Read my bio…

I finished the drawings though - I would still love to see yours!.


I was talking to @speedy_kd4

@VWOOM, you may want to remove your “unrespect full” part on your bio, you might get suspended

Why did you delete it? You didn’t do anything wrong.

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