A creative map I created

Well, I remember creating a post a while ago before the whole email verification thing happened
and I made this map called “The Dark Rooms”. Sure it may sound similar to something, but I was bored. I can probably only show pictures of it instead of the link so here is just some pictures of it.

i think this is a wip, so i added wip to the title to let others know.

why are you just posting photos?

I can’t post the link i think…

you can’t but you can put the pics in the guide.


is this like a specific map type (e.g. doors vs. maze games)? also what’s the point of this?

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This isn’t a guide. I think this is advertisement

It wasn’t meant to be a guide.

idk i thought they were going to make a guide but i thinks @Blizzy is correct.

I need help with something though.

You shouldn’t be posting here if it wasn’t meant to be a guide! I’m flagging. This is clutter, and code-posting, and advertisement

so if you need help, then it should be in the Help category. anyways, you should search on the forums on what you need help with first before you post

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agreed, i’m not flagging because i don’t like to on little things, but it does need to be removed.


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