A couple suggestions (also it's my birthday)

Okay it my birthday (that important), but I just want to make some suggestions.

  1. You should be able to wire stuff to the lifecycle.
  2. Restoring a map you delete should be allowed (me idiot friend deleted my jail escape while I went to get some snacks((never trusting him again)) sighs*)
  3. Not sure if this is smart but maybe put blocks on all devices
  4. A platform which allows you to automatically move like a automatic zipline.
  5. You can give other people gifts like you can give someone a seasonal pass
  6. Gimkit should host a live game and people get to vote what to play

Suggestions should be at

oh okay thank you didn’t know that

The forums are not for suggestions. Also, number six is possible with a few devices and blocks, and number five can happen; You just need to give the season pass link to whoever is buying it. Platforming, number four, is coming soon, and @Lolo already made a guide with ziplines. 3, some blocks DO NOT need blocks, or don’t have any settings that need blocks. 2 would be smart, but then that is your idiocy. Do not insult any friends. You should have made sure you could trust him, or close your device. The lifecycle has certain channels. You do not need to wire to it. Plus, you have the trigger.

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oh yeah the trigger but by the live game like a live game where everybody can access it

They already have Discourse. I’m not on the Gimkit discourse, but you can get on there for events and livestreams.

This is not entirely needed for the forums, don’t go posting willy-nilly. (Learned that from a texan in 1942)

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