A count up for a clock?

i was wondering how you can make a clock (like this one but going up)

use code to change an overlay that counts minutes and hours. reset the minutes at sixty. then add 1 to hours. when hours is at 13, subtract 12 and change am to pm, or vice versa. or just use military time.

also hours and minutes should both be properties

Not variables, they should be properties.

Use this guide for a deeper explanation:

And make sure to mark a solution!

i believe military time would be more convenient on the coding side

instead of a button you should use a lifecycle device that listens for game start

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am i doing something wrong with this clock code?

Why do you set the minutes to 10?

In your second if gate, the hour property/variable should be set to 0 not 1.

In the create text block make sure to add the days, not just the hours and minutes, unless you don’t use it much.

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