A Collection of New Features from the December 11 Update!

This is just a collection of things I have discovered that are able to be done with the new update.

  1. Quantum Portal Machinegun 2.0. If you turn instant refill on in the map options, you will be able to load and fire a quantum portal much much faster than the traditional one.
  2. Circle Arenas (Kind of). With the ability to rotate zones and barriers, you can create a much more circular arena than before!
    3.Unloaded Gadgets. When setting the amount of ammunition in a gadget to 0, you can make gadgets very versatile for escape rooms!
    If I discover anything else from the update, I’ll add it in here. I guess if anyone else finds things out from the update, you can add it in as well.

why is it a wiki?

So people can add more features, I think.

Yeah I saw that after I posted…