A bunch of stuff disappeared

Last night, I was editing my gimkit creative map. I remember that I was at 75% memory. Today, I tried to edit my creative map more, and I didn’t spawn in the right place. I thought it was a glitch, so I didn’t think much of it. I look around my map, a bunch of props, devices, wires, etc are COMPLETELY GONE. I didn’t delete anything and no one else had access to the map. My memory is now down to 53%. And it’s not the most recent things I’ve added that are gone. It’s random things. I’ve lost multiple months of work on my map. Is there any way I could contact gimkit about this? Or is this some temporary glitch?

This happens to people sometimes but I’ve never heard of this! The best thing would probably be emailing hello@gimkit.com ig…


I myself have never heard about this it would probably be best to email hello@gimkit.com as for getting your map back I have no idea for this it would be best to be optimistic about it and if there were any bugs view this as an opportunity to fix them.


Gimkit has a saving problem sometimes with maps, so it won’t save automatically.
You could:

  • Try going into settings (bottom right corner), Showcase and Save, and press “Save”.
  • If that doesn’t work, email hello@gimkit.com

Thanks for the advice! I emailed them. They probably won’t respond until Tuesday since it’s a holiday weekend, but hopefully they can fix it.

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