2D modes not working 11-28-23

when I was creating a really cool gimkit map and then I get kicked out and next second I can’t acsses it.I go to the status and found out it is only the 2D modes

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Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, gimkit servers have been down. Look at this.

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Yeah. The servers crashed. We can only wait for the gimkit team to fix it right now. I’m sure that they know about it.

The servers are currently down. To respond to @getrithekd it might take a couple of hours to fix

The serves appear to be overloaded. See this post or @WhereIsMyHat’s reply (jump to) for more info.

The season pass hasn’t came out yet.

I thought the new pass was coming out later today? I might be mistaken.

It has been pushed back.


Oh ok. Sorry for the confusion.

But I didn’t ask a question lol.

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i was adding on to your post (sorry) :sweat_smile:

Its fine. I just didn’t understand it.

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servers are back up now!!! yay