2 Movement meters dont work at the same time

So I know what my problem is but I don’t know what to do. I have one movement meter that tracks corn and I have another movement meter for an energy system (tracks energy). But only one of the movement meters will do anything while the game is running. I can switch which movement meter works by saying no then yes on the “use as default” option. Is there a way for me to bypass the “use as default” option and instead make them both default?

Do the movement meters track the same thing or different things?

different things. the first meter tracks corn and the second meter tracks energy.

Have you tried having both deactivated on start, and activating both of them at the same time? Although I do believe movement meters override each other. If one of them takes priority, you could also reference AUO to prove/disprove the movement meters overriding each other.

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I will try what you said first tomorrow because its late, but what is AUO?

Read this guide.

The deactivate then activate at the same time thing did not end up working. Im pretty sure the one i mess with last is taking priority. and i am not wiring anything but that probably does not matter

Anyone got any ideas of what to do to make 2 movement meters work at the same time?

wire them to the source??? maybe that will work @Apple

Yep that’s what I figured out to do thanks everyone!

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