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I am currently making a game with my friend and an idea we had is that one team is the police and there is one singular robber but the robber has some advantages so its like a 1 v 5-10 (however many other players) Could anyone please tell me how i can make it so that theres a one person team and everyone else goes on the other team?

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make the team mode cooperative in map settings.

then add a lifecycle device and a relay device. don’t change the lifecycle settings, but make the relay send its message to “random player.”

wire the lifecycle to the relay:

event occurs > trigger relay

now place down a team switcher. set it to switch the player to a specific team, then select team 2.

wire the relay to the team switcher:

relay trigger > switch player to configured team

and you’re done! team 2 will be the robber, and team 1 will be the police. this will make a random player the robber.

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oh okay thanks

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You could also make it so that the host has a different spawn point and then switches to a different team with a team switcher so you could choose who would be the robber.

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thanks for the help! is there any way i could teleport the robber to one area and all the police to a separate area at the same time when the game starts?

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Spawn pads maybe?

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oh thank you i forgot about them it did work but i cant mark it as solution because it will get rid of the other guys


Lifecycle > Relay > Teleporter
(do this for both teams but change the relay team setting)


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