Zooming help please

How can I make the camera zoom out farther past 3x? I’m trying to get a screenshot of the pixel art I made but It won’t fit on the screen.

Sorry, I don’t think you can in the main game for now :frowning:

You would have to use gimhook. @Shdwy knows how to get gimhook.

No i only want it in edit mode for a screenshot.

I understand my mistake. Still, I don’t think it can room out more then 0.5. Unless there is a mod out there that can.

@Shdwy How do you get gimhook?

its been said many times before you can look it up in the search bar

oh wow @ getrithekd overstated your power. but thank you.

oof, it’s blocked on my school chromebook but I’ll get it on my pc.

Well it was a lot harder without Gimhook but I was able to assemble the image from smaller screenshots.

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