Zone Scope Help

Do zones have scope? Like if I broadcast a team scope message, would that deactivate the zone just for the player? If so, would it also do the no gadget fire as well, or is that global?

I tested them a while ago so I could be wrong, but I think they have global scope.

yes that is a thing, there should be 3 different scopes, global is one.

Ok. I tested it and I think that zone gadget fire is global scope :frowning:.

yeah, thought so.

WAIT! The conversation is not over YET. IF there are 2 conflicting zones that has one allowing gadget fire, and one not allowing it, which one works?

neither should/will work in the colficted zone area.


yeah i think, try it out, normaly if you have a action conflict with another action, it shorts out in the conflicted area, or the objects that are conflicted.

Ok. I’ll try to test it. I think I found a different mechanic that could substitute in for this though.


if you need to activate the zone once for each player you can just connect a player scoped trigger that can only trigger one time to the zone and connect the trigger to whatever you want i guess?

That’s what I was doing and it was still being global.