Zone not working

I have a zone with 1 second item decay in it, and deactivated on game start. I made a button that activates the zone then deactivates it 2 seconds afterwards. When I press the button, nothing disappears.

Try making your zone visible to try troubleshooting, and making sure that it turns on first.

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@WhoAmI the zone activates, the decay does not

What is your decay time set to?

1 second

Alright, can you try something out rq? Copy the zone, except have it active on game start. Then drop an item in it when it is active.

that works

Hmmm… my guess is that when the zone activates around the items, the items have not moved, and thus the zone doesn’t recognize the items as going in the zone, thus not despawning them. That’s only my two cents on it though, so I suggest you find further info to prove or disprove this.

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