Zone Fire Gadget Bug


There’s a setting in zones where you can turn off player firing gadget. Where no one can fire in that zone

The Bug

When you exit the zone, you still can’t fire

The Reason

Since even though you’ve left the zone, it’s last command was to have gadget fire off and it’s not have had a command to change that, it stays gone

The Fix

Just place another zone right outside of it, no settings done required, just make sure it has gadget fire allowed! :grin:

There were many people asking why this would happen in bug topics and stuff so I decided to write this


This is pretty good. :slight_smile:

This happens if you teleport out of the zone. Getting out of the zone manually should let you fire again.

Another possible way to fix this bug is to make another zone but this time in your actual map allowing fire gadget.


search up zone render distance

anyways, this is normal but probably not an intended feature of gkc, just get out of the zone manually or anything else fersion said above me

yeah that’s what I suggested in the first place…

i mean by putting another zone in your ACTUAL game, not in the non-firing room.