Zone fire deactivation

Zone Effect stays active after the zone is deactivated

?? what do you mean zone effect?

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This should be moved to Bugs as it is a bug.

This bug has been noticed and recorded by many people in the past. To learn more about it, read this post: Zone render distance (Theory)

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I’m making a Red Light Green Light, but i want it so when its red, gadget fire is off. Simple, Zone> no gadget fire, so when the zone is on (showing red) it doesn’t let you fire. but even when red light (the zone) is off it still doesnt let gadget fire.

Yes. This is a problem. I would suggest reworking the game so it doesn’t rely on this.
You could remove players’ gadgets during Red Light, and give them back during Green Light.

its complicated, they have to buy weapons they dont all have them, also there are a few types of weapons

What you can do when Red turns on is use a checker to check what kind of gadget the player has, take away that gadget with an item granter, and then give it back after a delay.

You make one checker for each possible weapon. They are all triggered when the light turns red. [So wire the timer or whatever for the red light starting to each checker]

Set a checker to check for an item, and to check for the gadget you want to look for.
Place an item granter set to take away one that gadget, and then wire the checker to the item granter. [when check passes, grant item] Next, add a wire repeater set to the length of the red light. Wire the checker to the wire repeater. [when check passes, repeat wire pulse] Wire the wire repeater to an item granter set to the same gadget.
Now, duplicate this mechanism for each gadget you have [all types and rarities].