Zone deactivation

so in my game i have this zone where players arnt allowed to fire gadgets so when you teleport there u cant fire but when u teleport back it still wont let u fire

Please make this a help topic. I can’t answer this question without tinkering, and I’m away from my computer.

yeah that’s an old glitch. there’s not much you can do about it :confused:

Changed it to help section.
So you would need another zone in the teleported area that makes you able to sh0ot again.


Basically if you teleport out of a zone its rules still apply


I was thinking if there is a zone in the other are, and it was copied from the non-fire, then you still wouldn’t fire there. Can you check that, @SirClappsalot?

i dont really know what u mean

oh i get it i will check

yea there wasnt a zone

hacker has the solution. if u don’t get it he was trying to say that you have to place a duplicate zone but change the gadget fire setting to allowed.

I have no idea. I didnt know that could happened

That’s what I was thinking!

Nice great minds think alike
(except for the fact that I’m averaging almost cs on everything on my report card)