Zombie cave design ideas

read the title also this is the entrance to the cave


Never mind… Maybe make a zombie hand reach out.

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I think they want the inside of the cave

Oh… then Maybe broken mineshafts

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hey could you build a zombie cave in my map because you seem good at it if so give me your gmail so i can send the code to you privately

You should not post your email here because then anyone can get it
the wix or a padlet is better

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What material should be harvestable in the zombie cave?

Ores maybe, stone, granite, etc,…

Oh and just as an idea maybe make some jump scares in the cave

Well i was gonna do that at the very start of the game but the camera view won’t go small enough

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“Lingering undead
Breathing lifeless breath’s
Dark in the caves
Souls, darker yet
For the rotting roam
But do not fret
For soon you will not worry
As they feast
And you
Now one of the lifeless undead
Will be waiting
For another will come
And I smell dinner…”-The Insomniac. Forgive me, random poetry urge.


would this be like spelled in blood on the wall?

Probably not, considering you are making the game for kids 5 years old… :skull:

dude are you the tryeverything? i love your games!

Thanks so much! I try lol :kissing_closed_eyes:

what games did you make?

Well we arn’t allowed to advertise games, but if you click on my prof pic and read my description, it will tell you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest!

I would say to can say the games if it is asked for

Final results of zombie cave

Apparently I CAN :smirk:
So I have made….
Hunger Games (battle royal with health/food meters)
FishChainTopia (before the crafting table came out, so it took five ever to make
Chaos (random game I made months ago, where there is a bunch of chaotic stuff going on, and your goal is to get the most moola)
Among Us - (second project, and only works with 6 people -_-)
The Labyrinth (escape game)
Crawler Castle (currently working on an update, but the mechanics of this one is my fave
Shop (you try to run a fruit stand/clicker type game)
The Arcade (compilation of mini games and secrets)
Grow your Monster (a monster clicker mini game i made to help my sister with something)
The Quest (a series of specially made sentries and secrets)
Hide and Seek, Ghost in the Museum, and Dodgeball (as you would expect)
This Map Will Make you Angry (a troll and trick map)
Behind you… (a WIP “horror game”)
And finally right now I am working on a Harry Potter interactive

That’s it!