Your Secret Project

Cool! Can u give me a hint? I may be able to help - I’m pretty good with devices - not the math, though.

Fun fact: private messages do not work on the forum due to moderation concerns.

I suggest deleting this or marking a solution.


I think this was a failed PM attempt

Oh, I was told this would work. Thanks.

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I PMmed jeffo about this bug, linking to this topic:

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Yeah, that’s exactly what happened to me. I was talking to @FusionLord asking about the “secret project”, when it told me to just make a private message, but it’s public. That’s annoying.

It happens to the best of us.

Thanks. I’ll just go back to the OG topic now.

By the way, this is what jeff said:

How long ago did Jeff say that?

Lol, I tried that once too!

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So… what’s your secret project?

Its secret ! Stop asking what it is!

Less then an hour ago

Worth a try.

Hopefully, private messaging will come soon, @twofoursixeight.

Hopefully - I want it too!

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If u want any non-math-related help in the future, @FusionLord, feel free to reach out to me on the forums or here. I’m always willing to help a fellow Gimkitter (what are Gimkit players called?)!


I like how you said

I wasn’t sure if that was right. Also, I just got another message about starting a private message. This is becoming tedious.

What do u think a Gimkit player’s called?

  • Gimkitter
  • Gimkittie
  • Gimkit Player
  • Gim
  • Idk why are you bothering me?
  • Cheeseburger :hamburger:
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