Your opinion on this [POLL CLOSED]

So, I want to make a guide on when and how to use channels, blocks, and wires correctly. Like a beginner’s guide, and it will be explained very well. It will probably be very long, too. But I’m not sure if I should or should not, so I’m asking for two things:

  • Should I or not?
  • And what would I call it?

Vote here, and you can do the second one if you want.

Should I make the guide?
  • Yes, you should!
  • No, you shouldn’t…
  • :bear:
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If so, what should I call it?
  • Californian :beach_umbrella:
  • Lovian :heart:
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You should make it as long as there aren’t guides already on it
also call it the Californian (why are the polls closed)


Yeah, why are the polls closed? I was going to answer…

Oh no :frowning_face: the polls are closed :cry:

That is so weird, closed 7h ago, but this post is on 9m old

That means they manually put a date on when to close it, yet the date and time had already occurred.
Like this but the time had already happened.

Can we vote here, in the chat? I vote :bear: ( and yes, you should. )

honestly yes im starting see lots of newbies in here that dont even know how to use neither wires or channels like bro how?? did you not take the tutorial!? ._.

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I doubt they did, they just want the exact answer for everything without figuring it out for themselves.

We can just make a new poll right? [1]

  1. Or is that… rude or smth? ↩︎

@GimSolver , who would win, Green_Fox or Blackfox? :green_square: :black_large_square:

download (28)
wut? oh… rainbow fox would win obviously! :3

Sorry, I’m getting off topic. I just saw a color followed by “fox” and thought, " there’s not enough room in this town for two of us."

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lol its fine

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Ok, guys, I’m sorry—I’ll fix it.
I appreciate you guys’ opinions.

The poll is fixed!

very noice (hehe >:3 i voted :bear: cuz it fluffy :3)


Accidentally clicked the wrong one 2 times mb.

Actually, I think I’m gonna close this in about an hour. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
I’m not gonna be active for the next week, so I wanna get a jump start on it today.
Yeah, so thanks. At 9:00 (Pacific) 10:00 (Central) 11:00 (Eastern) is when I’ll close it. Thanks!

Seems like all the votes are unanimous.
All votes on :bear: and Californian