You think this code will work for a graphing calculator?

Do you think this block code will work, and if not, why not? I don’t know much about recursion. Also, I can provide context later:

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I think it might work? ,

It doesn’t. I don’t know why, help!!!

I don’t know, try it and see.

Oh um I am trying to learn the coding part of Gimkit creative, but I don’t know as of right now.

How is the code supposed to work?


It’s supposed to repeat the black and white squares to draw out the graph, and the reursion just makes the function run itself, and it keeps running itself and creating text until the loop the recursion thing is under reaches a certain amount. (I think, i might be wrong)

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In the second line- Get Property A X Power -is Power supposed to be there?
Also @mysz have you checked that the variable names are all placed correctly?

I think that second line makes the curve in the graph

You’re on the right track for sure, but what is going wrong i dont know.

idrk though, ur code looks right so maybe its an external force outside of the block code

yeah, i think to fix this, you’d need someone to examine the game to find it out

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