You can Name Devices?!

So, I was just goofing off when I found something I’ve NEVER heard anybody talk about before. If you click the name of any device in the top left,
you can RENAME the device!

Why is this so cool? It displays the name in the layers section that way you can organize your devices if you have a lot of them! This even works for props, and might be helpful to people who make prop art!
Tell me if you knew about this for a while, or if this is new knowledge for you!


This has been here for a while now.

You could’ve asked about this on the discord you know.

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I thought everyone knew that. It is very useful for organizing layers…

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however, no one really uses this…
It’s common knowledge. :nerd_face:


Huh ok. I guess I’m just dum lol

I already knew about it like 7 months ago

Its useful for marking things you need in the foreground or background (like a barrier)

I use, it! hmf

I was actually shocked when I saw “TheDarkThingy” in the layer option one month ago lol (My friend and I were making a map that day and she used it on a barrier)

Am I the only one who didn’t know abt that?…

Nope I had no idea too lol

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