Yo, is there just a generalized forum for people to chill

Read the title.,lmkpnjgiyvutf7rd6et

off topic and it makes no sense

Try the wix. Now please mark a solution to close this topic.


I was asking if there was a forum for people to post things not related to one of these categories. Sorry for the off-topic, this seemed like the most appropiate place to ask the question.

thank you
doo ba doo ba doo ba dooo

its blocked by school

oof though my school blocks literally everything but they didn’'t block the link

lol same, also, are we even allowed to still type here?

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AS long as it’s not closed I think so…

Can I send gimkit gim code so you can judge it(I dont have enough to publish plus it is under development)>?

Like, am I allowed to?

People changin the title is annoying as people who want to trace the history cannot. The off-topic tag does enough


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