Yo I need some help

MY CHECKERS NEVER SAVE AFTER I REJOIN MY MAP, its getting mad annoying is there some glitch???

I would put this under bugs. just in case: try play testing before closing the tab or map.

Like hours of work was deleted D: im getting p1ssed

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Try saving manually, and contact gimkit.


Thats what im downing i saved it manually 10 times

I would do it 7 times to really make sure. Then, stay for like 10 seconds then you can leave.

7 as a lucky number, and staying to make sure it validates.

If this doesn’t work, then you might have to contact gimkit support.

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everything but what the checkers saved i saved them manually

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i feel you pain a very similar thing has happened to me before


what am i supposed to do…

email gimkit do we look like the mods to you?

Dang why you so tight? i thought other people might of run into the same problem and knew what to do, ever heard of the saying, if you dont have anything good to say then say nothing at all?

if no one has a solution thats what you do

thats what im going to do, but you just sounded mean… sorry if i took it the wrong way

You could’ve sounded less rude with that… After all, we’re all trying to help.
Anyway, do what Foxy said and email Gimkit if this issue persists.

i will thank you eggnoodle! do you know what there email is…


thats what I sound like when there is an easy solution and not in a good mood already

thank you mate i appreciate it!

Yo its fine, just last final thought if i need to email gimkit its not a very “easy” solution is it?

emailing them is simple


@Gimkit101 go to padlet

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