Yet another glitch I have found in discovery

I spawned in the floor

It’s not a conserning glitch though

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Just jump out of the floor.
This has happened to me before:

I jumped and I was unstuck


hows it taste?

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yea it keeps happening

Dirty :rofl: okay back on topic though
I going to sleep so good bye

This mostly happens, because the spawn pads are to low in platformer, and for DIU, probably the same thing, because it’s new and SUPER bugged.

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yeah that happens all the time

yo its just a crown sitting on the ground, that is funny yet super weird. But i think its just lag.

I’m collecting a slideshow of interesting glitches, here are a few:

Screenshot 2024-04-05 12.01.50 PM


It’s not the spawn pad it’s the checkpoint back on topic please

Wow, I spawned in the floor in the EXACT SAME MAP!!! I think the problem is similar to the falling sentry glitch and happens because the spawn pad is on the floor rather than above the floor

this was 13 days ago please don’t necropost

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13 days ago isn’t really necroposting

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if you say so
in my opinion it’s replying to something that doesn’t need replies anymore

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ok i didn’t read any replies

idk if this is resolved


gkc platforming came out like a month ago OF COURSE THERE ARE GOING TO BE BUGS

just pointing that out not being rude

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So It’s Not Resolved It’s A checkpoint not a spawn pad and you should read the replies

wait are you getting a tag domination overlay when you are not in tag domination? so weird.

I know, right? It’s just some weird glitches that are floating around.

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