Yea this should not happen

Yea in gimkit if the someone’s knocked out and goes to spectator if they aren’t on the tab and go back to the tab this happens

where ever player on goes his screen will still like spectate but they can still move but if their not on player ones screen you they can’t see where there going

player two is fdsa on the screen

what do you mean by that if the players knocked out they go to spectate

Do you have a team switcher somewhere that switches them?

So like they get knocked out and they still spectate but can move?

yea I do I have one hjhgjkjhjkjhjkjh

you can use these <>

Then that’s why.

yea player two can to well after the game has ended

cause look after the game ends and also when the games restarted this happens

on player twos screen
Player twos on the bottom

even when the games started

I just let gimkit know about this

back on topic please

what I’m just showing you something new that’s not off-topic

In the future you might wanna cover up your name…

a yea sorry about that