Yall have any ideas I can turn into a guide?

Tell me if you have any ideas and I can make them!

Im only asking this because I am super un-creative also im banned from replies so…

Thx for all the great ideas, but I am doing geometry dash for my new game!

blastball mechanics platforming one way out lasers bosses and much more

Basically only art Guides are left
Unless you want to try explore platforming:
1.Geometry Dash
2.Luigi’s mansion

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the list can go on for hours but i’m not spamming as i got in trouble earlier so nvm

platforming sonic the hedghog runner games like sonic runner subway surfers etc geometry dash dld

Thx for replying so fast guys! Ill try and make these requests happen

Will i get banned for replying to fast because i was off topic earlier wreally bad like real bad and got flagged

No. You don’t.

Maybe read the:https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq to get all the rules

wait just now what you rpelied a minute ago also other cool ideas

How to decorate platformers
how to make mining with current tools
how to make sky platformer
how to make escape to ground
how to make highwise
how to make GTA 5 obstacles in platforming edition

Ooh! Maybe a kitchen that actually works or an laundry machine?

maybe how to make a working elevator or escelator in platforming
how to make moving platfroms
how to make leap of doom i mean faith

Also am I posting too much because You hacker120 and peanutbutter aid i was flagged and will be supspeneded until atuumn

No. Posting a lot is usually good if its not off topic.

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well okay other ideas hmm
how to make chess actual working chess
how to make jenga
how to make checkers
how to make connect four
how to make four corners
how to make uno
how to make chutes and ladders
how to make candy land
how to make laberinth and how to make scrabble just ideas for popular games

Also what category should I’ve posted earliers stuff in

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