Ya'll been helpful, but can you help me with

I’m making homes for each player in the game. I have a sign with a text that says “the player number” and then I have the home address underneath.

It would be super cool if the sign could actually have the players in game name on the sign. I’m not great with blocks, but this seems doable.

There is an option for triggering players name, and I already have a popup in game set up so where every player triggers when they initially spawn. So the blocks can be triggered by receiving on that channel. I just can’t figure out how to get their player name onto that sign…

Anybody good with blocks that can help me?

Ok, I actually figured part of it out. The sign now says this is the home of the triggering player’s name, but the spacing is all off and it does not fit on the sign correctly. Plus the text I had where the home address is , is now gone.

Ok, so when I change the original text I had in font size, the one using blocks also changes. That problem is solved, and I think I can just create another text box to put in for the home address, problem solved.

Cool Features. Josh and Gimkit Team, ya’ll rock!

Ok, I tested it with more than one person and now it is happening where one player’s name is on every sign…

@RobbieWarden You should make buttons where if the player clicks the button it deactivates all other buttons for them only and then it updates that specific house to triggering player’s name.

It won’t work with only one triggering player.

I figured it out. I had it running off a channel with a generic popup for all players. My fix was to made a “unique” popup for every player, even though every popup says the same thing, they had to be different in order for the channel to send a unique signal to the House Address Sign