X2 upgrade time remaining help

so i wanted to when the damage boost is activated for that player, it shows how long there is on the boost left (the boost is set to 1 min), is this possible?

its been 1 hr already and no one knows seems like…

there is one way i know of: you can have 60 triggers that are all set up to start when the boost is applied. they will all have to trigger a popup that shows the number and close the previous popup. this is very hard to do and will use a lot of memory.

seems like this could work, but not the best if you look at the memory

yeah but i think its the only way

just use a trigger loop, a overlay, and some block code 540-550+175 memory instead of 2400+3000 and popups prevent you from moving

so do you think this will work, I wanted when the player purchases from a vending machine from that start, it will countdown to 1 minute, then will disappear until they purchase from the vending machine again…

how did yall guys get confused on the most basic of things -_-
just use a repeater that runs a task every 1 second and make it increment a counter with a target of 60 that also broadcasts on a reset channel that stops the repeater and resets the counter when the timer is over this is basic mechanics and just use whatever channel that starts the dmg boost to start the repeater

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and make the counter update a property i forgot to add

that would work I thought they wanted it to follow them though

like with a game overlay? just make the counter update a property and make the game overlay track the property with a trigger loop and a overlay block with set text = create text with= property name

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here i´ll make the system parts and post the images here if that helps

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Screenshot 2024-03-05 12.50.55 PM
the vending machine transmits on a channel that trigger both of the flows to the repeater and damage modifier

the repeater ends on ¨reset¨ and runs a task every one second broadcasting on ¨update overlay¨ triggering the block in the overlay to update it

the counter broadcasts on ¨reset¨ and resets on ¨reset¨ when reaching 60 ( note if you want it to go backwards just make the target 0 and make the repeater decrement the counter and start at 60) it also updates the property also make ALL of these player scoped otherwise it will count it for all players not the damage boost tho

game overlay block code

hi srry for the late reply, can you show the setting pictures for each of the devices (the sections where I have to change) , I’m a visual person. @Blackfox45666, if you cant or didn’t save it let me know, then I will try without those pics.

i deleted the system right after -_- i had to test something out and i was running out of memory on my test map

oh okay its alr, i will let you know how everything goes then

Try useing a property, with a repeater hitched up to a counter for the timer. Also, use a overlay

@Blackfox45666, im having trouble on what you mean by “reset” with the repeater and counter, so far on the vending machine, when item purchases it transmit on channel “x2bought” to the x2 device and also to the repeater under start, I also added a counter that starts at 60, with a target value of 0, and it does update the property I have called “timer”, I also added a overlay with the block code you showed. that’s all I got, and don’t know what to do about the “reset” parts.

hold on a sec by reset i meant a channel named reset but if thats not what you meant just show me your system with a screen shot (counter settings and wire settings preferably which you access by clicking on the wire)

@Blackfox45666 i dont have any wires