Wrapping up a bit(Perk A Colas V6)

I already have most of done by my friend, @Coffee. I still am missing some, so if anyone knows how to make any or has custom ideas, let me know. Mechanics, sure. I planned them to be a prop but if they work, i’ll take it. In case you guys don’t know what a Perk A Cola is, it is soda from a popular video game, Cod Zombies that grants the drinker an ability.

So what do you need help with?

I need help making Perk A Cola machines,and any custom ones people think of

like the mechanics of them?

So what do you need help making, like what is one of the ideas

I’m waiting on ideas

Yeah, mechanics are ok

so i guess you could make like speed cola and regen monster, (pretty sure increasing max health in game is not possible so no juggernog) invisacola which could make you invisible to zombies (switching teams temporarily tho still the forced respawn on switching teams is a problem) and maybe increased damage (taking away a weapon and switching it for a higher rarity than reversing it after a while)

Ok cool! Very interesting!(Also, im very suprised how anyone knows at least one perk a cola) and how will i make this work?

which one like all of them?

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Yeah all of them
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anyways back on topic which one do you want to be built or is it just all of them?