Would a story mode be good in gimkit?

Would a story map like those ones on Roblox that have a story be a good game on gimkit?

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probablyThis text will be blurred

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if you want to make one go ahead
if you want plays for some reason pvp is more popular


Has anyone made a story mode?

yea its in my bio(click on my profile pic than click on the link)

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I think a story mode game on gimkit would be great!

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I tried, but my relays were bugging, like no matter what I did, it wouldn’t work. So I just quit :confused:

I mean,

You could recopy the camping series. (They are so entertaining lol)

Since, (guessing) you don’t have the season pass, you can have up to 3 slots! And just in luck, the camping game has 3 games too directly on camping! I mean, they have other games but it’s not directly camping.

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